Human AnatRadius anteriorUlna anteriorUlna anteriorScapula anteriorClavicleClavicle superiorScapula dorsumHumerusRadius posteriorUlna posteriorPhalanges posteriorMetacarpus posteriorCarpus posteriorPhalanges anteriorMetacarpus anteriorCarpus anterioromy Museum of Osteology, Jos

 Welcome to the Human Anatomy Museum Jos, Osteology Section. This museum is designed to bring anatomical dissections closer to the Medical Profession so that those who have little or no access to cadaver dissections and bones (original human bones) can benefit electronically. Its facilities are also on the World Wide Web.

Do not hesitate to use these facilities for your learning and revision in Gross and clinical anatomy and of course  in Osteology. Click on the bone of interest (bearing in mind its position) to open the dissection in the original museum in Jos.

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                                                                                  Hip bone anterior Femur anterior Tibia anterior Fibula anterior Patella anterior Phalanges anterior Metatarsus anterior Tarsus Phalanges posterior Metatarsus posterior Tarsus posterior Patella posterior Fibula posterior Tibia posterior Femur posterior Hip bone posterior


                                                                                    Sternum anterior 4th & 5th ribs inferior 8th & 9th ribs inferior 10th to 12th ribs inferior Sternum posterior 4th & 5th ribs superior 8th to 10th ribs superior 10th to 12th ribs superior 1st to 3rd ribs superior 1st to 3rd ribs inferior 6th and 7th ribs superior 6th to 7th rib inferior



                                                                   T10-12 superior T1-T3 vertebrae superior T4-T6 vertebrae superior T7-T9 vertebrae superior L1-3 vertebrae superior L4-L5 vertebrae superior Sacrum anterior Cervical 1 to 3 superior Cervical 4-7 superior

                                                                 Sacrum posterior L1-3 vertebrae inferior L4-5 vertebrae inferior T1-3 vertebrae superior T4-6 vertebrae superior T7-9 vertebrae superior T10-12 vertebrae superior Cervical 1-3 inferior Cervical 4-7 inferior




                                                   Midsagittal Occipital bone Parietal bone Frontal bone Temporal bone Maxilla Zygomatic bone


                                                                                                                                                        Sphenoid bone Ethmoid bone Lacrimal bone Palatine bone Nasal bones Vomer Inferior nasal concha

EAR OSSICLES  Anterior                                         Posterior


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